Why Travellers Should use Tinder

Tinder has kind of a bad reputation. When you think of Tinder what comes to mind? For me, it was desperate singles and creepy men. Maybe even a date that rocks up in a mini van. 

BUT, over 54% of people using Tinder are travellers in some form or another. Why is that?

It’s a great way to meet locals

Tinder provides an opportunity, on a silver platter, to tour the city, try local food, dine at a popular local spots or have drinks at a tourist-free bars. You can experience the local way of life which takes you away from the typical touristy things. These experiences are going to add so much value to your travels.

If you feel a bit nervous, you can even just use this app to ask locals for their suggestions without even necessarily meeting with them. You will most certainly gain new insights and knowledge about the place you’re visiting from the perspective of a local. Pretty damn convenient.

Practice your language skills

Whether you’re just making a pit stop or sticking around the city, practicing your language skills through Tinder is super convenient. It’s really cool that you can sit in the comfort of your pajamas practicing a language, virtually for free. This works through simply messaging or actually meeting up.

“Language exchanges” are really convenient to organise through Tinder without having any romantic vibes. All you have to do is write in your bio, “looking for a language exchange”. See who you can meet and what you can learn.

Travelling gets lonely

Traveling can be pretty isolating especially if you don’t speak the local language. As well as this, lots of pretty lonely situations can arise. Let’s say you turn up to a shitty hostel that you booked for 5 nights and opportunities to chat to people seem few and far between. Well, Tinder gives you the perfect opportunity to meet and chat with different people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

If you plan to go for a drink, why not plan to go with a match instead of alone? This ensures you’re getting social. After all, it’s usually who we meet and the experiences we share with them that makes traveling so fun.

A way to find love abroad

I actually met my Italian boyfriend on… you guessed it, Tinder! I was looking to make local friends after I had recently moved to Milan and he wanted to speak English with someone. Initially we were not looking for romance but simply friendship, fast forward 10 months and here we are.

But it’s not only us, there are so many couples out there who met on Tinder, one of my favorite Tinder success stories is that of Karina Irby, owner of “Moana Bikini”.  Her and her partner met through, “a random act of spontaneous loneliness”. Now they look back to seven years ago where their Tinder love story began.

Tinder is such a great app to use when traveling. Simply because it provides you with the most convenient way to meet people. Have you used Tinder while travelling? Was it a success?

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