The Secret to Finding the Cheapest Flights

Angus Stone once said, “Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane”. Well, maybe not. 

Flying can be quite pricey and often stops people from travelling. Most of us reading this, really, really want to travel the world but our pockets really, really can’t afford it. I believe I’ve discovered the secret. Some may even call it the be all and end all, I certainly do.

Introducing, Scott’s Cheap Flights… A company, I assume created by a man named Scott, that is really the best thing since sliced bread. Basically, this company searches for cheap flights departing from the airports you select when you sign up to their email list. It’s totally free however, you can upgrade to the premium version to receive even more cheap flight deals. I just use the free version and I have been sent by the team, flights return from Milan to Bangkok for 300 euros, Australia to Tokyo return for 450 dollars including checked luggage, these deals are incredible. The team will send you around four emails a week depending on the flights they find. You don’t book the flights through Scott’s Cheap Flights but through the independent airline which gives you a greater sense of security.

Fellow travellers this is a game changer! Let me know what flights you book through Scott’s Cheap Flights, I’m keeping my eyes open for an email saying “Australia to the Philippines”. What is next on your travel list?

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