The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Verona

Verona, the city famous for the love story of Romeo and Juliette. This sweet little city in the north of Italy is the perfect weekend getaway. This is thanks to its monuments, amazing food, not to mention, wine and relaxing vibes.

The view from Castello

When to go? Well, i’m always a huge fan of ditching the tourist season. Going in off-peak times means less people and a more authentic experience of the city. October to April are generally the off peak months but if you want to avoid the harsh winter, go either side of December and February.

Where to stay? The city is quite small so you will be doing a lot of walking no matter where you choose to stay. However, I think the old town is the most beautiful residential part of the city. It’s close proximity to everything is another huge bonus. In this area you will find hidden restaurants, quiet streets and local life. I have always used when I’ve stayed in Verona, start you search here. I stayed here in the zone San Zeno which is a budget friendly location and here at Relais Ponte Pietra, a fancy bed and breakfast. You should be prepared to do a lot of walking no matter where you choose to stay. The small size of Verona means you can easily discover the entire city by foot, after all,  you have to burn off all those pasta carbs somehow right?

What to see? First on almost everyone’s list should be Juliette’s balcony. This is probably the most touristy aspect of the city but definitely something you don’t want to miss. Entering the courtyard is free, here you will see walls covered in love letters, love locks and chewing gum. You should touch the right breast of Juliet’s statue, the legend says this will bring you good fortune in love. Next up, the Arena. One of the best preserved ancient structures. Visiting the Arena gives you a glimpse into the lives of the the people of Veneto thousands of years ago. Entrance is 10 euros unless you go on the first Sunday of the month where the rate is reduced to just 1 euro. If you’re on a budget, you can easily admire the Arena’s beauty from the outside. Bridges in Verona are also must sees. Who new a bridge could be so extraordinary? The bridges Ponte Pietra and Ponte di Castelvecchio are breath taking. The strong river flow and medieval styles are fairy-tale like. For sun set, you would want to head to Castel San Pietra because the views from the top are amazing.

Ponte di Castelvecchio

Around every corner in Verona there is something incredible to see. Walking the city is the best way to find these hidden little gems.

Where to eat? Be prepared to eat like a king. The food in Verona is amongst some of the finest quality i have ever had and it won’t break the bank. Choose to eat at restaurants with the words “Trattoria or Osteria” written within the name. This means that the meals will be traditional of the region and are generally well priced. My favourite restaurant in Verona is “Osteria all’Organetto”. Here you will find hearty Italian meals, good wine and amazing stuff. For a cheaper meal but just as yummy, check out “Bigoliamo”. This place does fresh pasta with your choice of topping for just 6 euros, the pasta bowls are all takeaway so find a spot along the river and devour. This region is famous for wine so you may as well drink your fair share. “La Tradision” is very good for aperitivo, serving you good wine as well as fresh meats and cheeses from the region. Be prepared to eat your way through Verona.

Verona is the perfect city for a get-away weekend. It is romantic, so relaxing, full of history and will spoil you with great food and wine. The slow pace of this city makes it the perfect spot to recharge your batteries.

Happy travels guys!

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