20 Things I’ve Learnt in 20 Years

1.Everything happens for a reason – something that proves itself time and time again.

2. You don’t need materialistic things to make you happy.

3. Being impulsive is both a good thing and a very bad thing.

4. Do whatever the hell you want – life is short.

5. Never invest everything in another person – invest in yourself.

6. Spend both your time and money wisely.

7. Don’t give a damn about what other people think or say – something i am still working on.

8. Have respect. Respect for both the people, things and environment around you.

9. Reduce waste – seeing the destructive effects humans have on this planet is horrific.

10. Be positive! Your vibe attracts your tribe.

11. Love. Love can hurt but in the moment it is all worth any future pain.

12. Try new things! You will never know until you try.

13. I hate this number, do i really have to write anything? Okay fine. Appreciate everything and everybody that enriches your life.

14. Follow your dreams whether they’re big or small.

15. Quality over quantity – this is relevant in every aspect of life, from relationships to clothing.

16. Find your niche and pursue it – you should be doing what you love.

17. Don’t let whats happened in your past effect your future. We all have a past and we all have the ability to grow and learn from it.

18. Learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, they’re a great opportunity to learn and grow from.

19. Things always get better. Life is a big roller coaster.

20. The years are going to keep rolling by. Make the most of your time.

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