Monthly Personal #1: I’ve Made a Decision…

A decision that breaks my heart. Cripples me. A decision that excites me. Ignites my passion and determination. A decision that will change the course of my life.

Moving to Italy is the best decision i have ever made. I have built my life here. I fell in love with life here. But i have to go. I have made the decision that in 5 months i will be returning to Australia to study my dream degree: a double degree of law and international studies.

I don’t know if this is the best decision for the cause of my life. I don’t know if i will regret it.

I will be leaving my boyfriend, Italian family, friends and my travel lifestyle. I’m trading this for a life of study and a chance to build what i perceive to be, a successful future.

I know that i will continue to travel. I know that i can do an Erasmus with my degree. Most importantly, i know that everything happens for a reason.

I trust this process called life. Moving forward, closing doors and opening new ones is all apart of the process. I feel pain, anger, passion, love and excitement.

Time can only tell whether this decision is for better or worse.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Personal #1: I’ve Made a Decision…

  1. When you finish your studies so many other doors will be open to you … you will be able to work anywhere in the world… with a great salary..many more opportunities will come your way .. looking forward to enjoying your journey with you Abbey …keep in touch …❤️


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