How To Learn Another Language

Learning another language doesn’t require thousands of dollars. You don’t need a private tutor or classes.

You need time, determination and an internet connection!

Start by learning the basics, this is an obvious one but it isn’t going to happen over night. Learn to say the most important words: “hello”, “please”, “thank you”, “I would like” etc. Begin to build your vocabulary. I did this by creating a glossary of words. Firstly, write the word in the language and secondly in your mother tongue. Read your glossary! Implement words from the glossary into your everyday life, even if you just say these words in your head. In order to grow your glossary, add new words that you see and here often. Google translate is your new best friend.. Use it and rely on it (although, please don’t do this to your real best friend) .

Watch cartoons in this language. Cartoons are designed for children and children are still learning their own language. The cartoon makes the story easy to follow and the language is simplified for children. Listen and watch, you will be able to pick up some very important basics of the language.

Everybody has a favourite movie… A movie that you could almost star in, the lines are like second nature. Take the movie and watch it over and over again in the language you desire to learn. The concept is similar to watching cartoons but movies are generally more advanced in terms of language.

Buy an exercise book. Do the exercises. Rocket science? Not quite. This will help to improve your writing. It’s all well and good to speak the language but being able to read and write it is just as important.

If you are living in the country that speaks the language then this tip is for you. Surround yourself with locals. It is going to be a lot easier to pick up if your friends speak the language. Facebook makes it really easy to connect with people. Simply write a post on the local page, “seeking conversation”. These types of meet ups are mutually beneficial, you get to learn the language and they get to learn your mother tongue. Win, win!

Challenge yourself! I like to get a newspaper in both the language and my mother tongue. I try to translate the newspaper from one language to the other. It’s difficult but use google translate as a help. This will improve your reading, writing and comprehension.

Read kids picture books. They’re easy to read and with the pictures, the story is easy to follow.

Listen to music in this language. This is a great way to pick up on slang, modern terms and phrases. Create a play list and listen to it as much as you can.

If you’re time poor, download the app “Duo Lingo”. This app is great for on the go learning. It incorporates both reading, writing, listening and speaking. The challenge style of the app makes learning really fun. If you have to sit on public transport everyday, this is a great time to use the app.

Learning another language is very challenging. It takes a lot of determination and of course, practise! Make these tips apart of your everyday life and the language will come in no time!

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