Things I Miss About Home

Whether it’s your mum doing the washing, home cooked meals or simply your local pub… everyone misses things when they leave home.

I moved from Australia to Milan 7 months ago. Let me tell you, things in Europe are very different. The lifestyle and culture are obviously the main differences but it goes further than that…

Service Charges

You cannot escape them in Europe. They’re everywhere. Your bill arrives and you will notice the little fee at the end ranging from 50c to 4€. I don’t like this idea. I could never imagine going down to the pub or even Chinese and paying for service. In Europe, apparently service charges are the way to go. Well, I’m just not happy about this.

Language/ accent/ slang

“How ya goin?”, “What’s doing”, “Oi!” Phrases like this. Familiarity of language. Damn, I really miss it. The Aussie accent and slang is what makes me Australian. Here, I have to contain the Aussie in me. Otherwise, people haven’t got a clue “what I’m goin on about”. Language is a real barrier but it can definitely be overcome with food and wine.


Okay so just supermarkets in general. In Europe (specifically Italy), I have no idea at all where anything is in the damn supermarket. For all I know I could be getting horse instead of beef… I remember one of the first few weeks I was here, I walked into the supermarket holding a half full bottle of water. At this point, security rushed over to me and put a sticker on my bottle as if I was about to commit the most serious crime. Strange things guys. There is a restaurant inside my supermarket and a sushi bar. I miss just going to aisle 4 to get salt and vinegar chips.

The Ocean

Living in Milan is like living in a concrete jungle. It’s beautiful but it comes at the sacrifice of the ocean. Another annoying this about when you actually go to the beach, most of them here in Italy are “organised”. Basically, you have to pay to go to the beach. Talk about utter ridiculousness.

Dog Poo

Okay so this may seem a little dramatic. But really, dog poo is a plague over here. It’s everywhere. It’s because most people live in apartments so their dogs do too. When they take their dog out for a walk it’s obviously going to need to do a poo poo after being inside the apartment the entire day. This leads to my next point…


Ah the yard. I really want to feel the grass under my bare feet. I don’t even care if the grass is moist at this point.

My Queen Size Bed

My mattress, the sheets, my special pillow. Oh how I miss you. Working as an au Pair means you have to make sacrifices. In most cases, you’re stuck with a small single bed. Some nights I sleep like an angel. Other nights I’m restless with longing for my favourite home comfort.

Chicken Snitzel

Oh and a parmy. Need I say anymore? So 7 months in, I’m really used to eating a lot of pasta for dinner but some days, I could really go a snitty.


I haven’t driven a car in 7 months. I will be a full licensed driver in one month, I want to drive a turbo. They say, Patience is a virtue. Public transport is primarily how I get around but I’ve never really been a fan.

Allora (so in Italian), we don’t really appreciate the familiarity of home until it’s gone.

Happy travels guys!

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