My Ultimate Bucket List

Lists are the very essence of my being. I love the order and sense of control they bring to my life. I put this down to being a Virgo. But, you could also put this down to being a list freak.

List freak or not, i have had my bucket list for quite some time now. The list has really changed a lot over the years. I remember one “item” was “party with rich people”. Okay so, this was definitely a low point in my life. Lets not hold 14 year old Abbey against me…


1. Learn another language  – I have been living in Italy for nearly 7 months now and i have picked up a lot of Italian. I did two months of formal lessons and the rest i have learnt from listening, learning and conversation. In saying this, i still speak like a two year old. Hopefully by the end of the year i will tick this off the list.


2. Travel to the Philippines –  This country has claimed its spot as my number one travel destination. I have wanted to visit the Philippines for a few years now.


3. Get back into surfing again – I started surfing when i was 9. Due to a range of reasons i have lost touch with this hobby.


4. Go diving with sharks – I’m talking Great Whites slamming against the cage i’m in. I am a thrill seeker.


5. See the Northern Lights – Sooner rather than later because this world is changing pretty rapidly.


6. Go on a solo backpacking trip – Yeah i moved to the other side of the world alone but that’s where it ended. I jumped straight into work and have since travelled with family and friends. I would like to go somewhere alone to challenge myself and really test my bravery.


7. Visit China – I have always been really interested by the Chinese culture. Also, i would love to see the Great Wall.


8. Go on a safari in Africa – One of my dear friends works in Africa to train anti-poaching rangers. His adventures are a great inspiration to me.


9. Sky dive – I ummed and arrd about this one. I’m scared of falling. Maybe it’s time to conquer this fear.


10. Own a dog – Must i say anymore?


11. Backpack India and Sri Lanka 


12. Eat sushi in Japan – Sushi is hands down my favourite food. I’m hoping the best sushi experience i will get is in Japan.


13. Go to a huge festival – I love to party.


14. Visit Auschwitz – having studied 5 units of history in school.. I think i classify as a history nerd. I have always been very interested in this historical event. The way one person could manipulate and inflict pain on masses of people is just bewildering. The last book i read was a true story about the tattooist of Auschwitz. I have to go and see it.


15. Go to a wedding – I am nearly 20 years of age. I have never been to a wedding.


16. See a psychic – I am a believer.


17. Go to Oktoberfest – Drinking copious amounts of beer… count me in!


18. Swim in hot springs – The water of the springs is usually a poo brown colour but never the less, it made it to the list.


19. Own a house – This was a huge priority for me before i decided to travel the world. I definitely want to achieve this but now it will just be a bit later than originally planned.


20. Experience a white Christmas –  In Australia, Christmas is super hot! You aren’t Australian if you don’t go to the beach on Christmas. Well, this year will be the year of the white Christmas and i am so excited to tick this off the list.


21. Party in Ibiza – I really do love to party.


Side note: This is not a list of all the places i want to travel to, that list is way bigger.

So there you have it, this is my buck list as of now. I hope to tick a few of these things off the list both this year and next. I definitely see this list changing over the years as i grow and my interests change.

Keeping checking stuff off your list, life is way too short. Achieve your dreams!

What did i miss? What is on your list?


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