The Ultimate Guide to a Week in Paris

Paris is an enchanting city. It captures you. Taking you on one hell of a ride. I just finished a week long trip to Paris where i fell head over heels in love with the city. 

One week is never going to be enough time in Paris but neither is one year. It is a jungle of culture and history. Here is how my mum, sister and i tackled a week and Paris and how you can too…

Day 1:

Arrival. This day can often seem like a waste. The struggle of airport transfer and finding your accommodation can be stressful (not to mention difficult, annoying etc). Don’t let this day go to waste! For me, day one is all about familiarisation. I like to figure out where the supermarket is, public transport stops/stations, cafes and restaurants. This day is gives you a good chance to organise for the week ahead. I stayed in an Airbnb in the 1st quarter and it was the most perfect location. Use my link to save 35€. 


Day 2:

Disneyland Paris. Young or old this is an absolute must! Here is your chance to live those childhood dreams…

Tickets are not cheap but it is definitely worth the money. I recommend buying passes for both “Disneyland Park” and “Walt Disney Studios” to get the best possible experience. You can buy tickets online which saves on queuing time. Although, you must have the tickets printed out so i suggest organising this before you arrive in Paris. Buy tickets here. 

Getting to Disneyland is super easy. Catching the metro is the cheapest and fastest option. For 7.60€ you can catch the “RER A” line to the final stop, Marne-la-Vallee Cheesy, Disneyland. Opening time is 10am. Get there as soon as you can because you will want to pack as much as possible into the day.

We started the day at Disneyland Park but i would recommend starting at Walt Disney Studios because it closes at 8pm and is a much smaller park. You could easily see and do everything at Walt Disney Studios within 4 hours. You will definitely want to be at Disneyland Park for the 5.30pm character parade. Don’t rush because Disneyland Park closes at 11pm. You have plenty of time.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland is definitely one of the highlights of this week. It really is worth every penny you will spend.

 Day 3:

What is the most important thing to see in Paris? Well of course, the Eiffel Tower. After the day at Disneyland i was feeling very tired so, i started the day with a bit of exploring around the first quarter. However, if you have the energy i recommend visiting the Arc de Triomphe during the day and do the Eiffel by night.

The best time to see the Eiffel is at night. The beauty and rarity is enough to send chills through your veins. One word: phenomenal! The tower lights up from sunset until 1am normally but 2am in summer. The twinkle of the lights happens every hour and is nothing short of magical. Going at night also means very short queues for tickets to the first and second floors. Big bonus!

Source: Pinterest

Now if your budget can allow, i suggest having dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant “Restaurant 58”. Pay the extra money to get a window seat otherwise you will miss out on eating dinner with the best outlook. The restaurant’s location on the first floor gives you an epic view of the city. Also, the meals were truly amazing! The best i had during my week in Paris.

Cheers to Paris

I was very lucky to receive this experience as an early birthday present from my parents. It was one of the best things i have done in my life. If you can, pay the money and enjoy a once in a life time experience. Trust me! Tickets available here.  

View from Restaurant 58

Day 4:

Day four for us just so happened to be Bastille Day. Therefore, the day didn’t really go as planned. We started at the vintage flea market “Ouen”. If you’re into vintage second hand, this is the place to go. This market has everything from high end collectables to 5€ pre-loved goods.

Ouen vintage flea market

After exploring the market, make your way to “Angelina” well known for its famous hot chocolates. Grab a hot chocolate and go to take a ride on the ferris wheel. It costs 10€ per person. The view from the top is unreal, you will see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Jardin de Tuileries park and the city in general.

After this, head to The Louve. Entry is 9€ and for under 26s it is free on Fridays.

The rest of the day should just be about exploring. After all, the best discoveries are made by chance.

The Louve


Day 5:

The day to discover Paris’s beautiful churches. For us, this day just so happened to be the day France won the World Cup. It was the most unreal day to be in Paris and totally unplanned. But first we have churches to see…

Sainte Chapelle is famous for its 1,113 stained class scenes. These scenes are depictions of The Bible. It is certainly a must see and is free for under 26s. The gothic style church was nothing like any church i’d seen before. The scenes, when illuminated by the sun, are just magical.

Outside of the Sainte Chapelle
Inside of the Sainte Chapelle

The Notre Dame. This next church is within walking distance from the Sainte Chapelle, so you can simply, head on over. The Notre Dame is one of the most famous churches in the world. Lines are often really long but it moves quickly. Be patient! Or go early in the morning if patience is not your strong point. Entry is free but to go to the bell towers (the top) 8.50€ is charged.

After this, you should be definitely ready to eat, i recommend avoiding the cafes and restaurants nearest to the church. Walk a few streets back, your wallet will thank you.

If you have enough time, check out these other churches: Sacre Coeur Basilica , Eglise du Dome, Église Saint-Gervais  and Eglise St-Severin. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do anymore because of the World Cup.

Now back to the fact that we were in Paris when France won the World Cup. How did i get so lucky? The atmosphere and patriotism was just incredible. The streets were full of people parading, cars were honking their horns; hell, people were even sitting on the roofs of cars. Police and ambulances were all in on this fun, cheering and beeping their way through the streets. It was truly unreal.

So, as you can imagine, this day ended with a few beers.

Day 6:

Mission: find the best macaroons in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is amazing but these macaroons are heavenly. Make your way to “Pierre Herme” for the best macaroons in Paris.

Pierre Herme has both tourists and Parisians flocking here everyday for a small taste of heaven. The line is usually out the door and down the street. Timing is just the luck of the draw. You can buy a tin with 4 macaroons for 11€. The macaroons are pricey at 2.50€ each but it is so worth it. My personal favourites were vanilla and jasmine.


Now if you like, maybe it is time to hit up another museum. The Centre Pompidou holds Europe’s largest collection of modern art. I liked the change to modernism. Entry is between 11-14€, free for under 18s and free for all on the first Sunday of every month.

Tonight, go on a river cruise of the Seine River. I think that it is best explored at night because the city comes alive with lights. Depending on budget, you can go for a cruise for 10€ or you can do a restaurant cruise like we did. The company we chose was Bateaux Parisiens. The price for a four course meal and a cruise past all the main attractions on the Seine was 99€. Money well spent, it is a perfect way to spend your last night in Paris. Click here to book. 

Day 7:

Leaving the city is really easy, the main airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport is accessible by metro. If you are leaving the city by train, most of the international trains leave from Paris-Gare-De-Lyon. Again, easily accessible by metro.

Unfortunately, the week in Paris is now over. Goodbye for now Paris, i will be back.


Some Extra Information:

  • Paris is the most expensive city i have visited in Europe. It is certainly possible to do on a budget but you will see and experience more with a little extra cash.
  • Public transport is really easy to use. The metro is really convenient and reasonably well priced. A single way ticket is 1.90€.
  • The water from the tap is disgusting. Unfortunately, you will have to buy bottled water from the supermarket.
  • There is a lot of homelessness.
  • The city is full of pick-pockets. Be aware of who and what is around you.
  • The city is huge, you will not get to see everything in just one week.


Live on Now Time in Paris, have flexibility in your plans because you never know what discovery you will make. Enjoy!

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