The Best Apps for Travel Abroad

Travelling the world is quite a daunting thing. It takes bravery, passion, commitment and of course, the help of a few apps.

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The world of travel has certainly changed in the last few years. The internet has made the world accessible in just a click of a button. For this reason i have decided to make a post detailing all my essential apps to use while travelling abroad. All Apps are linked, simply click on their names to download.

– Moving Around –


This App is a lifesaver! It’s designed to make using public transportation in a foreign country simple and stress free. It gives you a ton of options in order to get from A to B and shows you the quickest routes. For instance, from Venice train station (St.Luca) to the city centre of Venice, “walk 100m to the ferry station, catch ferry B, ride the ferry for 30 minutes and get off at St. Marco, walk 50 metres, you have arrived.” This app makes moving around so much less stressful. I personally like the “live directions” aspect of the app, it is almost like a warm fluffy blanket, keeping you comforted until your stop where you will hear a “ding”.


An awesome App to use for getting around Europe. It works in the way of “search and compare” which can sometimes seem like a little bit of a scam but this app is certainly far from that. You can purchase aeroplane, train or bus tickets in order to get from A to B around Europe. It is very useful because it gives you numerous options ranking the prices from least to most expensive.


This is a great App for booking flights. The App “scans” airline providers in order to find you the cheapest deal to and from your desired location. I always use this App as a first port of call. The only bad thing about SkyScanner is that it uses cookies but, like, really uses them. I wouldn’t recommend to continue to put the same destination in the search bar, you will definitely notice the price increase. Although, a way to counter this problem is the “Alerts” aspect of the App. You can create and set an alert for the dates you want to fly to and from a city; the App will keep track of this and email you with decreases and increases in price. It is good to use this feature a few months before your trip so that you have enough time to see the decreases and increases in prices.

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– Accommodation –


I have grown to love this App over the last few years. I have happily stayed in many Airbnb homes around the world. This App is awesome for the fact that you can stay in entire, fully equipped houses for (usually) a fraction of a hotel price. Use this link to receive €35 off your next booking with Airbnb –


This App is so easy to use. Booking a hostel has never been so easy, you can do it from anywhere. The App lists the available hostels in the city of your choice and your desired destination. There are a range of filters that make it super easy to find your perfect hostel in just a few minutes. One thing that i really like is the mass amount of reviews, making it again, even easier to find a good hostel based on the experiences of fellow travellers.


– Communication –


This App is a great way to learn the basics of a language. There are 30 different languages that you can learn and the best part is that it’s totally free. The App helps you to learn reading, writing and speaking skills. The lessons are engaging and small enough that you can do them on the go. Learning the basics of a language is very useful when travelling especially when you plan to settle down in a place for a decent amount of time. Download the app and you will be speaking another language before you know it.


There are heaps of Apps out there that virtually do a similar thing to WhatApp. However, this is my preferred App for communicating with family and friends around the world. You can use WhatsApp as long as you have an internet connection which makes communication with back home very convenient. The App features messenger, phone call and video call. A heads up, this App is way better and more reliable than Viber!


Now this maybe a controversial App for some people… Hold tight, let me explain! It is a great way to meet people in different parts of the world especially if you’re a solo traveller. Whether you are looking for friendship or “love” this App can be very useful. If you’re having trouble meeting people in a city, get swiping, it is one of the easiest ways to meet people in a foreign country.

– Finances –


This is my go to App when it comes to exchange rates. It is really important to know what your money is worth when travelling abroad and this App does exactly that. You set your currency and the currency you wish to convert to, it stores this information, therefore you can open the app quickly and see the exchange rates. It works both online and offline which is very useful eg. If you are in a market, you can type the amount the person is asking in their currency and it will convert to the amount in your currency offline. This App has saved me many times from paying way too much money!

– Eating –

My meal at Mama’s in Santorini, Greece.



I have already spoken about this App in a previous blog post but, if its okay, i’d like to speak about it again because it’s really awesome. Basically it uses your location to find restaurants near you that have connected with the App to give users a discount. Some restaurants offer a 50% discount when you book a table through the App. It is unreal and can really save you a lot of money when dining out.


This App is designed for travellers and locals to come together over a meal. “Guests” search the huge array of “hosts” on the App where you can choose your own experience whether you would like to join a dinner party, go on a food tour or do a cooking class. The App has a huge range of locals from over 130 countries willing to host you. The hosts charge money and rightfully so but, it is certainly worth every cent in order to have a local experience in a foreign country.

– Photography –


This App is a great way to capture photographs of your everyday life. The App sends you a notification at random times everyday “It’s time to pic your moment” and the rest is basically self explanatory. I think it’s a really cool way to create a photo gallery of life everyday at various times and moments.


This is one of my new discoveries and i have honestly never been so happy with a photo editing App. The pre-sets here are amazing and the best part is that it doesn’t distort your photos #winning. My favourite is “pop” and i think i’ll be using it to edit my photographs well into the future.

One of my local beaches in Australia at dusk.

Apps have certainly revolutionised the world of travel. They have made it safer, easier and so much more accessible. I hope my suggests help you guys out and please comment below any of the Apps that you recommend using while travelling abroad.

Remember: keep living on now time…

– Abs

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