Moving to the other side…

My journey to the other side of the world and to my complete and utter happiness began on the 1st of February 2018. I packed everything i owned into a backpack that made up 13kgs. My entire life made up 13kgs…

There was a time when i felt materialistic possessions could determine my happiness. Having an overflowing wardrobe satisfied every inch of my being. I was a typical 18 year old, i loved to spend my money on clothes, jewellery and of course, food. This was what i perceived as being a dream life and let me tell you, these things offered only a short lived sense of satisfaction.

After a series of illnesses i discovered how short life can be. To cut a long story short, i was stuck in bed with a devil  known as glandular fever. I suffered for over nine months, unable to leave my bed. Let me tell you, this became a huge learning experience. I realised the importance of life, i learnt the importance of grasping the reigns and steering in the direction of my desires.

My path lead me to Italy, why Italy? Well, i really don’t know. It was definitely on the bucket list and i sought after a job as an Au Pair which i soon got. With excitement in my bones, i bought a one way ticket to Italy ( I began to save all my money and i mean nearly every last cent. I sold all but 13kgs of stuff. I applied and received an Italian working holiday visa for one year, i left the comforting arms of Australia.

The rest is history… NO i’m joking but i’ll save that for another time. Until then, Abs!


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